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I'm a yoga therapist and student integrative yoga psychotherapist. I work at in-patient mental health units for both the NHS and Priory Group, private hospitals. I work in collaboration with other Allied Health Professionals, medical teams and other healthcare professionals in acute care and psychosis rehab, and I am grateful to have been nominated for two years in a row for my work within Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust at their annual Positive Practice Awards for "describing incredible examples of innovation, partnership, teamwork, commitment and compassion."


After feeling and seeing the need to further support my yoga therapy clients, I decided to enroll on an Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy diploma (Level 7), accredited by the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP). I believe there is an immense need to integrate mindfulness, breath, body, mind and soul with more traditional talking therapies, and I am very excited to be able to offer such innovative and truly integrative therapy that builds on the knowledge of my diploma in yoga therapy to include a wide array of psychotherapy modalities - from Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Transactional Analysis, Compassion-Focused Therapy and ACT to third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) currently used in NHS settings.

I have been in private practice since 2020, under ongoing supervision, accredited for my yoga therapy work by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists and of the Association of Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioners (AIEMT). 

I am  also a martial artist, student of Wado-Ryu karate, a physical and spiritual practice I honour very deeply. I am forever grateful to all my teachers who continue to inspire my practice through deeper awareness and self-development.

Qualifications, CPDs & Continued Learning

Level-7 Professional Diploma in Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy, The Minded Institute 2023 - 

A unique integrative and holistic approach uniting psychotherapeutic models with mindfulness/yoga/somatic/movement therapies. The diploma draws on strong neuroscience and medical knowledge, as well as on a wide base of neuroscientific research. 

Professional Diploma in Yoga Therapy, The Minded Institute 2019-2021

Final essay subject: "Yoga Therapy for PTSD, a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach"

Neuroscience, physiology, psychotherapy skills, medical principles, yogic philosophy, breathwork - all applicable to mental, physical, cardiovascular and neurological conditions with evidence-based yoga practices to support wellbeing and recovery. Accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness for Addictions, The Yogologist & The Minded Institute, 2022

Profoundly supported CPD training to explore the complex problems found in the inner worlds, and the healing potential that exists in equal measures. Led by Shaura Hall, UK's leading yoga therapist for addictions. Neurobiology and psychology of addictions, how different substances impact physiology, specific yoga practices for addictions and recovery.

Yoga Therapy for Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Rhythms Yoga Training & The Minded Institute, 2022

In-depth professional training: evidence- and neuroscience-informed, yoga-based tools to support children and teens with mental health issues.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Certification, 2021

ISO 21001:2018 certified, registered with and accredited by The Association of IEMT Practitioners.

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, The Embody Lab 2021

In-depth exploration of a unified somatic approach to trauma-informed care offering a holistic framework for understanding and working with trauma from a body-centered perspective.

Certification in Traumatic Stress Studies, Trauma Research Foundation, 2021

Integrating advanced research on PTSD and developmental trauma with today’s most optimal clinical methods, treatments and modalities to improve outcomes and help clients heal. Intensive lectures by Bessel van der Kolk and faculty members on integrative interventions on treatment for PTSD and developmental trauma, including: Body-based techniques, Internal Family Systems (IFS), ACT, SMART, Sand tray therapy, Neurofeedback, EMDR, Psychedelic therapies.

Healing Trauma Certificate, Dr Peter Levine, 2021

Application of Somatic Experiencing tools and best practices for supporting trauma survivors

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundation Training, 2021

Foundations of evidence-based adjunctive treatment for complex, developmental trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD.

Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury, Love Your Brain Foundation, 2021

Yoga Teacher Training for Healthcare Professionals on evidence-based yoga practices for traumatic brain injury survivors.

Yoga4Health, Yoga in Healthcare Alliance, 2021

Certified Yoga Teacher in offering evidence-based protocol to NHS patients.

Somatic Experiencing Introduction Workshop, 2020

Experiential learning of principles of Somatic Experiencing practices for trauma healing, 

Yoga & Somatics for Healing and Recovery, Charlotte Watts, 2019

Fundamentals in Somatic Movement Education Training, Align Somatics 2019

Somatic movements to rewire brain to new movement patterns.

Somatic yoga practices for stress, burnout and chronic fatigue.

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